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You Are Not Alone

Meet Lakeeya, your accountability partner.


Lakeeya Homsey, LCSW 

Lakeeya Natasha Homsey is a licensed clinical social worker, therapist, motivational speaker, and wellness coach. Lakeeya is a survivor of childhood trauma and domestic violence. Lakeeya has her Master's Degree in Social Work from Temple University. After years of working in various mental health settings, she launched her own private practice in 2018.


Transitions4Life, LLC offers mobile and telehealth to busy professionals. Through Transitions4Life LLC, Lakeeya assists individuals, families, couples, and corporate groups in becoming more aware of specific patterns that are keeping them stuck and preventing them from moving forward. She is an advocate in normalizing therapy for wounded healers. In 2020, Transitions4Life LLC added crisis and pandemic support to the list of services provided and has already serviced many companies in the tristate area. She provides the tools and strategies that people need to overcome their obstacles to live their best life and find their defined freedom despite uncertain times.


In 2022, she and her husband, Walter Homsey, created OTOTM (One Trip Over the Moon, LLC) coaching and consulting practice, where they address burnout, selfcare, and desire for meaningful connections in this post-Covid world.

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